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Brian and Heather

We are individuals, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations who have an interest in the business of our community. A good cross section of our business community is represented in our chamber, including retail, professional, agricultural, commercial and service industries. Our membership roster also includes several service clubs. Currently we have over 70 members.

Members meeting

The major objective of the Dutton/Dunwich Chamber of Commerce is to promote the commercial, industrial, agricultural and civic welfare of Dutton and surrounding district. We work closely with our municipal council and county council to ensure the business community has a voice in municipal affairs. As well, we've made major contributions to community projects over the years, such as the rec centre and the pool. We also support various community events throughout the year; but, in addition to helping our small community, we participate in worthwhile national and international projects such as Earth Day.

Chamber at play

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce allows you to keep abreast of what's happening in our community - what new businesses have opened? expansions? new subdivisions? potential businesses coming to our area? economic development plans? road work? downtown beautification? Also, you have an opportunity to network, to meet potential clients, and to contribute to discussions which interest and concern all members. Please visit our Member Benefits page for more reasons to join!

Currently, the Dutton/Dunwich Chamber of Commerce meets bi-monthly. Check our Calendar to find out when we're having our next meeting. Sometimes we meet at one of the member eateries, sometimes at our member golf club, sometimes we meet in a meeting room and sometimes we even meet in someone's backyard. Doesn't really matter, we'll try anything. Membership is $50.00 annually.

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